Monday, August 16, 2010

Checking Video Card and Driver In SolidWorks

Ever get "ghosting" or choppy graphics while modeling in SolidWorks? You may need a video tune up.

SolidWorks provides a tool that makes it SIMPLE to check that your video card and driver combination is up to snuff...

This tool is called SolidWorks Rx and if you have SolidWorks installed, you have this tool. It's under SolidWorks Tools in your programs.

Not only will it check your video card and driver combination for compatibility, but it will also provide a link to SolidWorks web site where you can view a list of all supported graphics cards and matching drivers specific to your machine.

This is also a great place to look if your deciding which video card you want to purchase for machine that will run SolidWorks.

Just navigate to the diagnostics page of the Rx tool as shown in the video and wait a moment for SolidWorks to do the rest.