Friday, September 17, 2010

A Nicely Discrete Enhancement

We all know and love the friendly "Context Toolbar" that allows us to have an almost artificially intelligent group of commands right where we need them at just the right time. It's the one that pops up automatically when you select two sketch entities for example.

If you're a person who is often on the front end of design, or if for some other reason you do a great deal of sketching, you've probably noticed that no matter how appropriate it may seem for what you're trying to do at the time, the "Merge Points" command has never been in it's rightful place on this pop up toolbar. We've had to find it over to the left on the property manager.

In SolidWorks 2011 "Merge Points" has finally gotten the respect it deserves and will appear in the "heads up" location as shown in the image above with it's other context appropriate partners.

I must say I'm pretty excited by finding out about this from a fellow blogger. (@jraak ; I'm a huge fan of convenience. :]

For more enhancements and the whole "What's New" spiel, be sure to head on over to our website and Register for your nearest Roll Out Event (aka SolidWorks Party)! It'll be an informative good time and a chance do some networking.

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