Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Follow Up On The Cloud

Now I wasn't fortunate enough to attend SolidWorks World in 2010, in fact, I had never touched SolidWorks at that time... However, even in my sheltered little world of AEC /ACA, I did get wind of The Cloud.

SolidWorks folks took center stage 8 months ago and began talk of existing Cloud technology and all the benefits it could bring to the world of design... And, that, is, kind of where they left it. So, as it follows, there has been eight months of blogging, vlogging, podcasts and rumors in the meantime.

Yesterday, SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray posted a blog here, that effectively answered some of the lingering questions and set a few of the rumors straight.

It seems that the biggest questions floating around were, "What is this Cloud thing" and "Does it mean the end of installed software". Jeff Ray says, "Rest assured" this does NOT mean the end of installed software but rather the beginning of a choice between desktop, online and mobile. He also explains the basis of Cloud technology that it basically takes the load off of your local processor and puts it on a remote machine.

SolidWorks' CEO goes on to talk more in depth about Cloud Computing, measures taken to protect against data theft, and he drops a time frame of "early 2011" for their first cloud type offering which is code named SolidWorks Connect.

Again, I encourage you to read Jeff's post in its entirety here on SolidWorks' blog. You know what they say, nothing like hearing it (or reading it, as the case may be) straight from the horse's mouth.

So will you be getting on board with the cloud? I must say I am quite excited about the possibility of SolidWorks on my mobile Android device. But, maybe just for the cool factor... I'm not sure I would enjoy pinching to zoom and virtual keyboard shortcuts for production work. Who knows though, maybe it'll grow on us.

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