Monday, July 12, 2010

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Let's talk about SolidWorks activation...BEFORE you uninstall SolidWorks off your machine make sure to transfer the license. To do this, click on the help pulldown menu and transfer license. This will return the license to the SolidWorks activation server so your software can be installed on another's fast, simple, and even painless

Q: When do I need transfer the license off my machine? A: If SolidWorks is not going to be used on that machine in the future.

Q: If I'm upgrading from SolidWorks 2009 to SolidWorks 2010 do I need to transfer my license? A: No, this is not needed

I hope this answers a couple of our most common questions on activation. Check back with us weekly as we will be continually updating our blog. If you need technical support please contact

Brian Ross

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