Friday, October 29, 2010

Drawing View Scale

There is a new enhancement to SW2011 that people have requested from time to time. You can now display the scale of a view if the view scale is different than the default drawing scale. In the past, you could only do this for detail, section or auxiliary views.

You can go to Tools/ Options/ Document Properties/ View Labels/Orthographic and check the box for "Show label if view scale differs from sheet scale." Some of you have been asking for that for a while, and now it is hear.

One more drawing view tool that is nice is the ability to use the 3D Drawing View tool. Previously that was just there to temporarily rotate the view to select a difficult edge or something, but now you can actually change the view orientation without having to go back to the part or assembly model and create a new named view. Nice time savings!

Just remember....don't be afraid to read the SW2011 What's New file (HTML or PDF) that is found in the Help pulldown. There are lots of "SW gems" hidden in there that are quite handy.

Until next time..... Let's Go Design!


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